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1. Diagnostic Innovations for Personalized Medicine: Workshop with Best Practice Examples   PARMENIDes presents innovative development projects at PerMediCon in Cologne PerMediCon is Europe's unique congress fair for personalized medicine. Experts from diverse disciplines and indication areas come together for two days, in order to learn from each other, to network with each other and to further push personalized medicine toward routine healthcare.On December 1st 2016 the PARMENIDes...  
2. Über uns   Dr. Frauke Adams Network Manager PARMENIDes Phone + 49 (0) 3302 55 199-14 Fax + 49 (0) 3302 55 199-10 Mobil + 49 (0) 172 162 31 88  
3. Ziele und Aktivitäten - Aims & Activities   Aims & Activities PARMENIDes is focused on developing new strategies for marketable and beneficial diagnostic innovations in order to promote and realize the concept of personalized medicine. The aim is to improve the effectiveness of medical treatment while minimizing or completely eliminating side effects. This will not only increase the efficiency of the therapy but also reduce costs....  
4. - No Therapy without Benefit   No Therapy without Benefit Novel Concepts for Personalized Medicine  
5. Über uns   PARMENIDes Advisory Board  
6. Über uns   Diagnostics Industry/SME Dr. Jörg-M. Hollidt in.vent Diagnostica GmbH  
7. Über uns   Timo Siedler Network Manager PARMENIDes Phone + 49 (0) 3302 55 199-67 Fax + 49 (0) 3302 55 199-10  
8. Über uns   Spokesman of the PARMENIDes Consortium Prof. Dr. Dirk Roggenbuck GA Generic Assays & MEDIPAN GmbH  
9. Über uns   Pharmaceutical Industry Dr. Peter-Andreas Löschmann Pfizer Pharma GmbH  
10. Über uns   Laboratory Medicine Prof. Dr. Christian Götting MVZ Labor Limbach Nürnberg GmbH  
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