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PARMENIDes is focused on developing new strategies for marketable and beneficial diagnostic innovations in order to promote and realize the concept of personalized medicine. The aim is to improve the effectiveness of medical treatment while minimizing or completely eliminating side effects. This will not only increase the efficiency of the therapy but also reduce costs. Innovative in-vitro diagnostics procedures are needed to successfully implement the concept.

Furthermore, personalized medicine raises completely new issues while creating needs that can no longer be met by one industry alone. Even the requirements to be satisfied by diagnostic test systems are continuously increasing. This can only be adequately addressed by a high degree of individual expertise within a network of various cross-sector partners: biomarker research in universities and clinics with various specialist areas, technological platforms for detecting biomarkers in companies and R&D institutions, validation of biomarkers in clinical studies together with all development partners and clinics.

Successful start of development

As part of the PARMENIDes joint project, the MEDIPAN GmbH company in Dahlewitz, in cooperation with the Institute for Molecular and Clinical Immunology at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, the Institute for Clinical Immunology at the University of Leipzig as well as the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus-Senftenberg, has developed an automatic screening system (Aklides® cell damage) based on the quantitative analysis of double-strand breaks, which can be identified by the gammaH2AX biomarker using fluorescence.

The team headed by Prof. Dirk Roggenbuck, Managing Director of MEDIPAN and consortium spokesman of the PARMENIDes initiative, has evaluated this technology for initial use in the standardized determination of resistance to cytostatic drugs and recently published the results in the scientific journal “Cytometry Part A”. As the study reveals, it is possible to make use of the determination of DNS double-strand breaks using yH2AX foci analytics in personalized tumor therapy on a routine basis. This technique allows the development of resistance in early clinical trials involving oncological patients with cytostatic drug therapy to be traced.


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